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Kınık Mineral Waters is a company located in the richest in mineral springs region in the world - Mezit Boğazı. The company specializes in manufacturing drinks – bottled water, soda, lemonade and even carbonated drink with vitamins. All Kınık Mineral Waters’ products have guaranteed quality, having passed various quality control tests. The manufacturing of the products has been entirely automatized. The building and the equipment are covering an area of 35 000 sq. ft. With manufacturing as big as this, the company manages to produce over 165 000 bottles of drinks and mineral water an hour.

Today, the company’s portfolio includes two series of flavored carbonated drinks - KINIK Activ Extra и KINIK VIO. Kınık Mineral Waters adds not only natural mineral water to these drinks but also vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B11. Furthermore, they produce lemonade with sugar and sodas. The natural mineral water goes through several filtrations before being put into bottles. This is to ensure the highest possible quality of the drink. The equipment used in Kınık Mineral Waters is also of great quality, having been imported from Italy.

Besides drinks, Kınık Mineral Waters offers a wide variety of snacks such as corn chips with various flavors, natural dates, spicy peanuts and 100% refined sunflower oil.